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  Do You Simply Need to Serve the World?

Inspiring copy for inspiring businesses.  

Do you want copy that makes even you feel inspired every time you look at it, that reminds you why you started your business in the first place?

Do you want a way for your absolute favorite clients to find you, the people who truly need your services and who feed you when you work with them, and enough of them that you can focus on doing your work more than on selling yourself?

You are helping the world. You work every day at making green products, growing food sustainably, healing holistically, teaching qigong, building community. . .or all four. . . .

And you'd like someone to help with your text and your marketing purposefully, in alignment with your values and spirit, so you can keep focussing on the important things.

You'd like to add more gorgeousness and passion to your web site, or get it to bring you more clients, or prospective clients who are more tightly matched with your offerings. Or maybe you’re just starting to build it. Maybe you're not sure what having a web site is actually for as it fits with your marketing. And you'd like a partner in this process, a mirror.

Or maybe you feel somewhere deep inside that you'd benefit from having some disinformation removed from your brain, some ideas that have been disempowering you without your even knowing it.  

If you’re like many cultural creatives (a term for people who work to help the world), you are turned off to the whole notion of “marketing” anyway. When you think of marketing, you think of expensive, glossy, ads on TV or the subway. You think of angry men in suits with briefcases, and of racing to meetings and stressing out to figure out the ideal placement and pricing ad rates. You’d rather run away and hide, and just wait for the people who need your services to find you. But you know you could quit your catering job if you could somehow get the word out—and then be able to serve more people.

Maybe you’ve tried writing your own copy. You have the feeling, the exact image, in your head, of what it is your product or healing practice does for people and how much it could improve people’s lives. But when you try to write it up, you get paralyzed and think you have trouble finding the right words. “Can I say that? is this OK to do on a web site?” you ask, starting to feel your legs tense up. “Should that word be boldface?” You don’t feel comfortable tooting your own horn. Or maybe you’re too good at describing it, you’ve got 14 drafts—and you need an editor to help you slow down the torrent of words. 

Well, it's very likely Inspiring Web Copy can help.  First, you're probably doing better than you think.  If you have passion, you're doing a lot better than the ads you see from big companies.  Your first draft, the one you didn't dare show anyone, is probably the best marketing-wise.

I also draw on my information and experience.  When I work on copy with a client, I incorporate knowledge of alternative but real-world-tested, bottom-line-proven marketing strategy. I also bring writing skills honed in the disciplines of literary analysis and rhetoric (I have a bachelor's in English from Harvard), poetry, fiction, essay writing, and theater, as well as a great deal of experience in emotionally-centered interpersonal communication and community building. I work with great eattention on writing, or co-creating with you,  with feeling and specificity—no platitudes!—and I make every effort to hear and to transmit your unique voice. I have a goal to make our working relationship as authentic and pressure-free as I can, and to co-create with you as much as you're willing.  

And, most importantly, I care.  I simply love other people's visions.  They are what feed me.

If you work with me, I will never pressure you to do anything you don’t feel comfortable about. You’re free to nix any suggestions. Maybe you’ve heard about Search Engine Optimization and are panicking that you’ll never be able to understand it. I can explain it to you in 5” and you’ll never forget it. I’ll give you the information and let you decide whether you want to use it.  (I don't.  But ironically, I do come up ranked first on most major search engines). I’ll explain commonsense ways to make your copy keep people reading, but I won't tell you you're wrong if you don't open with an image or don't appear cool. I think the resources I've studied are ingenious and elegant and even inspiring, or I wouldn't be using them.  But there's ulitimately only one right way for you to express yourself: your way.  

Still, I hope you’ll come on a journey with me. Give yourself the benefit of a mirror for your vision, a companion on your path.  I personally want you to be wildly successful. I think you’re worth it--and I think the planet depends on it.

You can take the first step right now: send me an email describing your business or your vision,  And I'll send you a free guide on what questions to ask when choosing a copywriter.  These are questions you can ask of any copywriters you're considering working with, and they should help in your search to illuminate vaguesness and to stay focused and clear about what helps your passion.  


In Community,



My vision at this time is to co-create ads with other inspired people, texts that articulate what’s uniquely valuable about their products; that I help them write their ideal vision as well as what is good in what they’re presently offering; and that I support them in further unlocking their creativity through other means.  I help people to get what they need to carry out their life purposes, “to have fun, serve the world unselfishly and make a profit” (Victor Baranco).  

And this is not the end of the vision.  This is just what the vision is today.  A vision is an ever-evolving thing, and the dance between myself and Spirit is always changing.  One day it may embrace the world.  That source from which the visions come has infinite size, so the visions it sends us can always grow bigger over time.